AmCham member Nectarome changes its focus towards the luxury market

AmCham member Nectarome Change, one of Morocco’s leading companies in the cosmetic industry that traces back to 1997, has change its business model to pursuit the cosmetic luxury market including the logo, packaging, colors, concept stores and more. It took 20 years of activity before the company decided to review its strategic positioning and business model. “In the next three years we will move completely towards the luxury market” says Jalil Belkamel, one of the scientific founders of Nectarome Change brand.

The company is expected to expand its production in early 2017 to meet their luxury standards internationally. Nectarome Change has locations in Marrakech, Casablanca and Rabat and will be in other cities in Morocco in the upcoming year. Nectarome Change already exports its products to over 15 countries and has a big presence in huge hotel brands in Morocco.

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