AmCham welcomes its new Member, Bio-Cellular Design Aeronautics Africa (BDA, Africa), to its list of extensive network

AmCham Morocco is very pleased to welcome its new Member, Bio-Cellular Design Aeronautics, Africa (BDA, Africa), to its list of extensive network.

Bio-Cellular Design Aeronautics, Africa (BDA, Africa) is a research, development, and manufacturing company, which focuses on providing their customers with low cost cutting edge biologically inspired and intelligent Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). BDA aims to establish itself as a key integrator within the African and Middle Eastern UAV landscape, becoming the first designer and manufacturer of UAVs in Morocco.

Kamal Benjelloun founded BDA, Africa and vice president of FinanceCom, envisioned and created BDA based on his passion and experience for aviation and green technologies. The newly formed company is currently working to establish a manufacturing facility within Casablanca’s prestigious Midparc.

BDA, Africa is dedicated to pushing the envelope when it comes to evolutionary flight designs. The company’s team consist of highly experienced engineers, technicians and developers who are uncompromising in their work and methodology, dedicated in developing reliable and highly optimized aeronautical designs which will meet or exceed their customer’s current and future demands.