AmCham welcomes its new Member, Mediation Partners LLC, to its list of extensive network

Mediation Partners focuses on consensus building, dispute resolution and supporting clients in finding tailored out-of-the-box sustainable solutions. The company helps the involved parties communicate more effectively, pinpoint difficult areas and understand the situation and the options on the table. Mediation Partners believes that jointly developed compromise generally yields the best results for all parties. The company uses mediation as a consensual process at which they facilitates the settlement of disputes by negotiation. The process gives the parties the space and freedom to explore their differences and then to negotiate and shape a settlement that they are content with and adopt a “WIN-WIN” philosophy.

Mediation Partners has a well-experienced and professional team that takes care of helping corporations resolve problems with tax administration and customs depending on the nature of their business by using innovative techniques and time and cost saving methods. Their large network helps resolve any issue with minimum costs for all parties involved.

For more about Mediation Partners, please contact Said Nachet at or Abderrafii Kassimi at