Morocco Gets Named “Most Attractive Country In Africa For Investors”

Due to its strong political stability and forthcoming economic progress, Morocco is now the most attractive business and investment climate in Africa according to the 2017 Attraction Barometer. This index, published in May 2017 by multinational professional services firm, Ernst & Young (EY), touts Morocco as Africa’s principal commercial hub as it steps leaps and bounds in front of Kenya and South Africa, who tied for second place. The fourth position was awarded to Ghana, while Tanzania followed in fifth place. Furthermore, Morocco was the only North African country to rank in the top 10 most attractive investment climates, showcasing the country’s consular position as a strategic geo-business magnate that connects North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Morocco has thus made notable progress since occupying second place in 2016 according to the same barometer, which is based on the weight of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). This barometer also measures the resilience of each country to macroeconomic pressures, as well as the progress made in long-term multifaceted areas such as governance, diversification of the economy, infrastructure, commerce, and human development. It should be noted that this barometer serves as a useful reference point for international investors, and that Morocco is a thriving emerging market capitalizing on the benefits of international trade and global synergies.