Investing in Morocco

According to the new report by the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Morocco was the top market reformer in the Middle East and North Africa region in 2000-2010.  Morocco serves as a competitive regional hub due to its’ broad range of incentives for investment, namely its’ diverse regional poles, a competitive cost of production, a strong and modern banking sector, transparent and vigorous IPR laws, a flexible labor law, and several FTAs, including those with major markets such as the EU and the US. The country also provides an excellent platform for reaching a wide range of international markets due to its geographic location and its cultural ties.

Morocco has 16 new regional investment centers to enable you to register your company in a timely fashion (within 48 hours).  These centers help reduce bureaucracy and lower the cost of starting a business.  Morocco has also simplified its’ tax rules by consolidating its’ tax regulations and signing non-double taxation agreements with several countries including the U.S.

The investment division is an agency in charge of promoting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and also provides information to potential investors. According to the United Nations Conference for Commerce and Development, inward FDI in Morocco reached a record high of $2.84 Billion USD in 2013, up 10% from 2011. This increase confirms the uptrend from the previous year (+63%). Morocco is becoming the main destination for FDI in North Africa, receiving 25% of the FDI in the region.

A.   Useful contacts for investing in Morocco, including market overviews and business environment briefings

Morocco Commercial Guide by FCS

Moroccan Investment Development Agency (AMDI)

Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN)

Tanger Mediterranean Special Agency (TMSA)

Tanger Free Zone

B.   Reports on Morocco

Doing Business 2013

IMF report

C.   Setting your company? Where to start?

List of attorneys members of AmCham (PDF)

List of audit and accounting firms members of AmCham (PDF)

List of insurance companies members of AmCham (PDF)

D.   List of Regional investment centers by region in Morocco (PDF)
E. Professional associations
F. Other links

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